Friday, October 29, 2010

[SB!] Love: Wedding Planner's Rewards

When most people hear what I do, they always "ohhh" & "auhhh" and goosh about how much fun it must be to be a wedding planner. And truly, there are many times when it is incredibly fun and an absolute joy. What better kind of job could there be than creating some of the most heartfelt, memorable memories in a couple's life?! For me, it's sincerely an honor to have a couple entrust to me such a day.

Yes, it is very rewarding to have my own business, enjoy the benefits and sense of satisfaction as the company grows. But what most people don't realize is that it can be tremendously stressful, requires grueling hours and at times personal sacrifice. We find ourselves working evenings, weekends, but also some holidays. Because of this, I am super thankful for a loving and understanding family who support my passion that allows me to pursue my dream.

One of the the moments for me which puts me on cloud 9 is knowing that I made a couple's day all that they hoped for and MORE. One of those moments was today when I received a "thank you" note from last weekend's couple:

"Hi Samantha, We got back from the honeymoon last night and wanted to let you know that the wedding was absolutely fabulous!!!! Everything was so beautiful and we had a great time. Thanks again SO MUCH!!"

Blissfully Inspired

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make-up Tips: Smokey VS. Natual

Hey ladies, my name is Kristi and I am the new intern for Soiréebliss! Events. I'm super excited to write my very first blog and share the inside scoop when it comes to bridal make-up.

Having been an artist for M.A.C Cosmetics for a little over 5 years, I definitely know what brides go through when deciphering between wedding day looks. One of the most popular questions I get asked is should I do a smokey eye or or go with more natural colors? The most important thing to know about a smokey eye is that it's just a technique. You can do a smokey eye with browns, blues, purples, anything your little heart desires. Think about it this way; it just means a darker shade of whatever color you're wanting to use.

If you wear a smokey eye's for a reason; you like how your eyes are defined with a darker color, it makes you feel sexier and more confident. The bottom line is, YOU have to love how you look in your wedding pictures. If you go with lighter more natural colors when you're used to darker colors, you will feel like you don't have any make-up on and you won't be happy with how you look. Those pictures will last forever so you really have to go with your gut and do what makes you happy. Also, most weddings last through the late evening, so your make-up should be on the darker side to fit the time of day.

Now remember ladies, you do have options when it comes to a smokey eye! There can be a dark color on the whole eyelid or the eyelid can have a light color and then a dark color in the crease. Either way, a darker color really needs to be used to define and show up in pictures. Another thing to think about is mixing up your textures. If you use a shimmer or a frost on the lid, you want to use a matte in the crease. You can still use a shimmer in the crease, but you want to break up your textures. Plus, matte colors in the crease will create depth, shimmers/frosts won't.

Bottom line: You can listen to bridal magazines, your friends, your mom. But at the end of the day, wear what makes you feel sexy. You should feel as if you are a goddess, because it's YOUR wedding day. Enjoy it!

Kristi Gomez
Superstar Wedding Intern

Make-up in pictures done by Lisa Pelayo:
Photography done by Laurie Perez:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Dress FLIP!

Are you worried about the difficulty of wearing your gorgeous wedding dress during all the dancing at the reception? Do not fear because at soiréebliss! Events there is an answer for everything! There is a fabulous trend in the wedding world to have a dress flip after the ceremony. All the best wedding dress designers such as Monique Lhuillier, Ines Di Santo, and Rivini had fabulous short gowns all over the runway in the New York Bridal Fashion Week this year. These dresses are short, sassy, and absolutely perfect to allow the bride more comfort and let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t want another wedding outfit?

Wedding dress boutiques offer wedding dresses of all lengths and sizes. Find one you love then go get a splash of color to make sure you stand out amongst your guests. Try incorporating your wedding colors by adding an adorable sash and bright colored shoes. But don’t stop there! Get some incredibly jewelry that will make you sparkle from head to toe.

This dress change will be an eye catching surprise to your guests and you will be so much happier dancing in this dress as opposed to your 500 lb dupioni silk gown you walked down the isle in. Bottom line: it is your day, make a fabulous spectacle of yourself.

Always Learning, Always Fabulous,

Vanessa Sinatora
Associate Planner

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holiday Party Idea: Entertainment That's Show Stopping

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may find yourself in the beginning to think about this year's holiday party. One of the most important parts of the evening ........besides the food and drinks will be entertainment. If you are seeking something different that will make your party truly memorable, consider a dinner mystery. You can host the event at the location of your choice with the option of having 10 of your guests are playing interactive roles whiles your other guests try and solve the mystery. One of our favorite companies is Celebrity Mystery Theater. The have a full cast of celebrity impersonators that makes for an even more entertaining evening.

For more holiday ideas and planning services, contact as dates are quickly filling up. Let us plan the spectacular party for you.

Blissfully Inspired,
Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

Friday, October 22, 2010

{Helpful Tips} Reselling Wedding Items

Were you a DIY'er for your wedding left wondering what you're going to do with 35 lanterns or 300 chargers? Or maybe you're contemplating a splurge for your wedding and wondering how to off-set the cost. Seriously, consider reselling it after the wedding. Not only will it make your new hubby happy to have the "wedding room" cleared out, but will also reload the pocket book. If you have a couture item that was really over your budget, start advertising the sale of the item before the wedding takes place. This way, you can feel better and enjoy the splurge on the wedding day.
Some very valuable sources for selling wedding items:

1. Bride Share - all items are welcome and there's even a message board to chat with other brides. Total bonus!!

2. - this site is absolutely addicting. I love checking it out periodically to see all the gorgeous dresses. You will find anything from custom gowns to couture dresses by Carolina Herrera. AND at a fraction of the original cost.

3. Who can beat theKnot when it comes to wedding resources. The have a message board geared toward every subject. Consider posting your "for sale" items on your local board and also future wedding date boards.

4. In some areas of the country, Craigslist is a great resource. I have been lucky enough to sell and purchase a few pieces of furniture on there myself. Just be super cautious of scammers wanting to send you a check. Always have another person present if someone is coming to your home to look at the items your selling.

5. And last, but not least, the tried and true Ebay. You may consider taking your items to a company who lists and sells the items for you. May save you a lot of time and the best part is that they take the photos and manage the listing for you.

6. If you're ever in Chicago, you surely have to make a stop at White Chicago. It's truly a premier couture resale wedding dress boutique. AND for those not in Chicago hold onto your seats because they recently launched an online site as well.

We would love to hear from fellow readers which sites were most successful for you.

Blissfully Inspired,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preparing for Wedding Day Part II: 30 Day Countdown

As you approach the last 30-45 days prior to the wedding, you're surely feeling excited, anticipating the actual day. You've may be running through all the magical moments you and your Groom will share together. Or you may even be feeling exhausted by the stress experienced throughout the planning process and just ready for the wedding to be finished so you can enjoy being married.

In any of the 3 scenarios, the details you address in the last remaining days leading up to the wedding can be the most critical. During this time will be when you finalize the finer points and smallest of details. Anything from how the napkin will be folded, where will the bridal party stand during introductions, who will transport the guest book to the reception, timing the set-up of the reception vendors in logistical order so that everything runs smoothly. All of the details can make or break a Bride's wedding day experience.

To assist you, here are is a checklist of items to complete:

1. Schedule a meeting with your reception venue to do a walk-thru meeting. During this meeting you will finalize the room layout, the time the reception space will be available for set-up, review menu items and pricing. On average, final numbers are due 3-7 days prior along with payment.

2. Schedule a time to meet with your florist to finalize all final count, colors. Utilize the floor plan to designate the location of the tall centerpieces. Provide the florist the load-in details and times. You will need to finalize the time/location which the personal flowers will need delivered.

3. Finalize contract details, final payment, set-up times, and discuss the floor plan layout/set-up details with the remaining vendors; DJ, linens, rental items, ice designer, cake, church and entertainment. Do not leave a single detail to chance. Make sure to ask each vendor for their event day staff names and a cell phone to contact them on the wedding day if an emergency were to occur.

4. Create a make-up/hair schedule for your bridal party. Allow 1 hour for your hair and 1 hour for your make-up. Allow 30-45 minutes for each bridesmaid for hair and the same amount of time for make-up. As a helpful tip, never make your last as it could cause you to run late and always put your most picky bridesmaid last. Distribute the schedule to your party 2 weeks out.

5. Make a list of all your personal decor items. Designate next to each item the person whom will be responsible for setting it up. You will then pack your items into a box for each person. Label each item clearly, include set-up instructions, drawing of the items and a floor plan. This will eliminate any confusion. Make sure your items are packed and distributed no later then Wednesday or Thursday prior to the wedding. (Photo credit: Sarah Green Photography)

6. Confirm with your bridal party that their dresses are altered and pressed. This will need to be done no less than 2 weeks prior to the wedding. Confirm that the groomsmen have ordered and paid for their tuxes. With groomsmen, we know our fellows well and how no nonsense they are. Remind them to try on the tux at the store to confirm all items fit and are the correct size. If they wait until Saturday morning, it could be too late.

7. AND, most importantly, don't forget your dress. Your dress should have been received and fitted already if you had bridal portraits. If you opted to not take bridal portraits, you will want your fittings to start no less than 40 days out. At your last fitting, bring two bridesmaids with you to ensure they understand how to bustle the train. Schedule your dress to be pressed and packed for transportation the Thursday prior to the wedding. It would be ideal to designate a family friend or bridal party member to pick it up on Friday prior to the wedding. Ultimately, it would be the ultimate luxury to hire a personal dresser to pick up your dress the day of the wedding, deliver the dress to you and assist you in putting it on. Saks 5th Avenue and companies such as Misti Style provide this service.

8. The last remaining and most vital tools for a successful wedding still remains; "The Timeline". This topic is truly so big and incredibly important, it deserves it's very own post. Stay tuned for Part III as I cover the tips and strategy for writing a flawless timeline.

Blissfully Inspired,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enchanted Forest Wedding

There is something mesmerizing about the innate beauty of nature. If you are a bride who is energized by every breath of fresh air and loves the warm feel of sunshine reflecting softly off your skin, I have an idea for you. Have your wedding in a beautiful clearing in the midst of an enchanting forest with trees lightly scattered about. This lush scenery provides you with vibrant greens and yellows with fresh inspiration at every angle. The sunlight hugging each tree will give you lighting you could never dream of having in the tight constraints of a typical venue.
The ceremony would be centered in front of the glowing sunset with guests seated on simple white chairs. Create an isle with lose ribbons, rose petals, or even leaving the ground alone when the beautiful autumn leaves have carpeted your surroundings. After the ceremony, when the sun has set your celebration can commence. Have beautiful lighting by traditional or paper lanterns and floral arrangements hanging from the trees. Why not make a small chandelier of orchids floating above the sweetheart table like the one to the left designed by Le Vie en Rose. Take my acorn escort card idea for the fall to guide your guests to their seats. If it is spring or summer and there are no acorns available, use a succulent as an alternative. The chavari chairs should be covered in an extremely sheer white chair cover (like the picture on the right) to soften the over all look. On the tables a natural colored linen can hug the table while bright colors are used elsewhere. Use vibrant colors on the napkins, ribbons, table numbers and floral arrangements. Rich greens, ambers, and browns will always create a more organic feel. If you want something more chic go for a bright accent color like red, amethyst, or teal. The ideas for a forest themed wedding are endless!

Make your wedding as organic and real as the relationship you share with the person you marry. Enjoy the first day of a new journey.
Picture by Morgan Lynn

Always Inspired,

Vanessa Sinatora
Associate Planner

{Wedding Dresses} A "Red Carpet" Design You'll Love

If you're like me, you love the newest trends in wedding dresses. Designers are using more texture, ruffles, layering and luxurious fabrics to create couture gowns. Heavy beading is just as gorgeous, but the concept of "less is more" sweeping fashion week for Spring 2011. One particular gown I recently feel in love with was by a designer Sherry Hill. Her romantic "red carpet" number would be perfect for the bride who desired a more manageable train or possibly an evening gown. If you're truly daring, try it in pink.

When considering accessories, this dress would truly "pop" with a few vintage pieces. I would suggest to keep the selections simple to avoid a "busy" look to the complete ensemble. Haute Bride has some perfect pieces that any bride would just swoon over!

Blissfully Inspired,
Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

Friday, October 15, 2010

Escort Cards: Getting Creative

Every bride wants their wedding to have unique personal touches that reflects their style and vision. One easy way to do this is by giving your escort card some flare. There are many ways to personalize your escort cards so that they can fit your style, budget, and theme.

If you are going for a glam wedding, one fabulous way to display escort cards is in ring boxes. To display these escort cards you would open the box then attach the name and table number to the inside. These cute boxes can be ordered online and are very affordable. They come in crystal clear, white or black velvet. To make the boxes pop, rest them on a bed of rose petals or lay them on a bright colored linen.
(Picture proveded by Occassion to Celebrate)

If you are having a fun, laid back summer wedding get a long rectangular plant pot, fill it with sand and then place large round suckers standing in the sand. Attach the escort card in the center of the circle and it will look incredibly creative.

If your wedding is in the fall, pine cones are always an excellent escort card holder. Cut off the end so it is nice and flat, display them on a table and insert the escort cards.
(Picture provided by

Do you love music? Why not combine your escort cards with favors for your guests. Make a CD of songs that are important to you and your hubby then print off CD Labels with an engagement picture as the background. Either attach the escort card onto the CD or incorporate it into your CD label. Don’t want to bother with the labels? No problem, many companies will custom make them with every detailed touch you want. An easy way to display this would be in long sheets of CD holders that can be hung onto the wall.

There is something special about a wedding during the holidays. If your wedding is in December and you love a little holiday spirit, print off your escort cards on normal rectangular paper. About one third above the bottom edge of the escort card glue a stick of cinnamon on the back.
This will make the card stand on its own, add a wonderful aroma and fit your theme.

If you love the organic look but still want a bit of glitz, you can have the florist make you a large willow like branched tree or you can buy one yourself at the store. Attach beautiful flowers sparingly throughout the branches. To give your escort cards some sparkle, attach some beading onto the bottom for a really couture look and hook them onto the tree branches.
(Picture provided by

More great ideas to come for fabulous brides with unique styles!

Always Learning, Always Fabulous,

Vanessa Sinatora
Associate Planner

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preparing for Wedding Day Part I: Plan, Plan, Plan

As a event planner who's been doing this for awhile, I've seen every type of client. You have the "Type A" who is 2 months ahead of schedule, the "easy rider" who goes with the flow and is super happy with whatever happens, and the endearing "late bloomer" who just can't seem to stay on schedule.

The fun part of my job is working with all types of personalities to bring together the details to ensure the event day is perfectly flawless, logistically smooth and incredibly memorable. Sounds easy...right?

Typically, when hired for Event Day Management, I spend roughly 25 hours planning and preparing for the event. It's important to cross all "T's" and ensure all "I's" are dotted by reviewing the contracts, walking the venue, and confirming details with the vendors. BUT, most importantly, the most vital tool for the wedding day is the timeline. Without a well thought out timeline, the day could feel rushed, hectic and down right stressful the Bride and Groom. As an event planner, we are what I like to call the "insurance policy" for the event. And who doesn't feel more comfortable with a little extra insurance?
Over the next week, I am absolutely excited to share with you some tips, tricks and examples to help make your event the success you've dreamt it to be. And truly, it's my goal to help inspire, and assist each couple and know that their day was memorable.

Blissfully Inspired,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

Event Idea: Green Transportation Option for Your Event

If you're planning a Green event in Houston and stuck on what to choose for transportation, I have the perfect solution for you.....Rev Eco Shuttle.

REV Eco-Shuttle started in April of 2008 with the simple goal of creating a better way for people to get around town. Today REV has travelled over 35,000 miles and transported more than 70,000 people. All without the use of a single drop of gasoline or the release of any emissions. REV is committed to making an impact on our community while leaving as small a footprint as possible.

In 2010 REV became the first all-electric jitney service in the city of Houston and quite possibly the country. Today you can find REV Eco-Shuttles in Downtown, Midtown and Washington Avenue.

Blissfully Yours,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Planning Super Hero : )

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DIY Project: The Art of Embellishment

One of the fun aspects of my job is to enlist the creative side of my personality. Which you may think, happens quite often, but truly dreaming up a creative idea, busting out the paper cutter and scrapbook adhesive and actually crafting the idea into reality is genuinely fun for me. It's like recess!!

Are you sitting on the edge of your seats wondering what great project I may have to share? So here's a few helpful ideas to give your event an extra spark without the busting the budget.

1. Think about those gorgeous wedding day shoes with the amazing bling you're just dieing to have, but not quite so excited about splurging the $150-200 for them. As a creative alternative, buy a basic pair of silk evening shoes and attach your own bling. For the beautiful Nine West shoes shown, they were steal at under $60. The brooches were attached to a pair of clearance shoes at DSW for under $20. I simply cut the brooches off and hot glued them to the evening shoes. Solution that cost well under $100.

2. For a nice accent to those gorgeous shoes, how about an evening bag to match? If you're like me, you love a couture hand bag from Devi Kroell, but may would love a more affordable option. For this, I would suggest shopping the clearance area or make a stop at Sam Moon (online, Dallas and The Woodlands store options). We were lucky to have found a perfectly matching green hand bag. However, weren't as excited by it's simple style. With a little help from our Bedazzler gun and sparkling crystals from Michael's, our purse was just as fabulous as the shoes. All for under $40.

3.Your invitation will be the first glimpse your guest have as to what to expect at your event. If you're like me, it seems nothing less than a custom masterpiece will do! With custom invitation prices ranging from $7-35/set, this can become a costly investment depending on your guest count. A few options to give your invitation some customization would be to purchase catalog invitation from a trusted stationer and attached it to a pocketfold. Papers and More has a wide range of color options and sizes. If you're local to Houston, try Texas Art Supply where they give a bulk discount. The best type of adhesive to use would be Tombow's pink cartridge scrapbook glue found at most Michael's or scrapbook stores.

For a chic option use your bedazzle gun to add a pop of crystal between your names or strategically placed in the design or monogram on the invitation. For a dainty look, you may opt to add a ribbon or bow to your invitation for a little accent. Ebay is an amazing resource for bulk ribbon well under $20.

To present a very creative, option would be to place your 5X7 invitation in a box fastened with double satin ribbon, artistically wrapped in tissue paper. It's almost like a personalized gift to each guest. Think of their excitement when they receive your invitation?!
(Boxed invitation by Lela Luxury Wedding Invitations)

Blissfully Yours,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

Fall Party Details: Pumpkin Signature Drink

As an event planner, I've seen signature drinks becoming more and more common with more zing and pizazz. From colored sugar lining the rim of the glass, couture designed wine charms, edible flowers, monogrammed drink stirs and special designed displays to create a whole vocal point at an event.

With the Fall quickly approaching, I always look forward to all the yummy deserts made with pumpkin. So, why not enhance your event with a signature drink after dinner to compliment your desert.

Pumpkin Martini Ingredients:

1/2 oz Drambuie Sylk Cream Liqueur
2 oz Absolut Vanilla vodka
1/2 oz pumpkin liqueur
1 tsp whipped cream
Cinnamon stick for garnish

Pour the Drambuie Sylk Liqueur and vodka into a shaker filled with ice and shake well. Add the pumpkin liqueur and shake. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Top with teaspoon of whipped cream. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

Blissfully Your's,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get Inspired

As an event planner there are times when I become inspired by a painting or a cutely decorated garden to design something new and exquisite. Today I was inspired by a venue in Downtown Houston.

With ceilings stretching up to the sky and richly textured columns The Corinthian
made my eyes widen and sparkle with ideas. I immediately envisioned a couture fashion show highlighting New York’s finest designers. The back drop of the venue had two gorgeous staircases that landed on a marble stage that could easily extend out into a glamorously chic long celebrity runway. With ceilings studded with jewel encased chandeliers and infinitely beautiful qualities it could easily seat 600 of Houston’s finest fashionistas.

With a designer’s eye, like my own, I would drape the ceiling with gorgeous sheer fabric reaching from wall to wall. Colored accent lighting would reflect against the columns to accentuate the architecture. To boost the central focus of the show where the models enter the runway there would be a backdrop framed by angelic fabrics and soft glowing lights. On either side of the runway entrance we would have large hanging crystals. Underneath these crystals will be lighting that will shift from
one heavenly color to another upon each introduction of a new designer. This light will run through the crystals creating a magical reflection uncharacteristic to any fashion show. The runway would be lined by angelic feathers shaped into flowers with Swarovski Crystal centers. Crystals would dangle down from the second floor to match the crystal candelabras placed throughout the venue. With the fabulous soiréebliss! Team we would easily transform this classical venue into the chicest of chic runway show.

Always Inspired,

Vanessa Sinatora
Associate Planner

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tips for a Bridal Shoot

Growing up in the Midwest, weddings were a little different. Culturally, some of the most common trends of today were virtually unheard of in the northern region of the United States. The Groom didn't have a chance to express his hobbies with a separate groom's cake. A charmingly adorable nephew only had the option of being a ring bearer vs. a bell ringer during the ceremony processional. And most importantly, the only time the Bride had the chance to test all components of her wedding day ensemble was during the last dress fitting. Thankfully, the bridal portrait shoot is commonly requested and found as a necessity even to allow the bride a dress rehearsal while having a ton of fun with a few friends and photography. Why only wear the dress for one day when you can wear it for two?!

When preparing for your bridal shoot, here are some tips to ensure your day is a success:

1. Have helpers whether they are members of your bridal party, personal friends or family members. This will give them a chance to see how the dress is to be properly zipped, buttoned and/or bustled.

2. Have a set of cloth white gloves on hand to be worn by those helping to move the train around during the shoot. It helps to protect the dress from sweat and oils. With being in Texas, this is a special consideration considering the heat.

3. Speaking of heat, be prepared for all that goes along with the heat. Spanx is truly the most comfortable item underneath to wear. Bring plenty of bottled water with a straw to stay hydrated to keep a glamorous smile. And oil blot paper. Shiseido truly makes the best with the most successful results.

4. Whether you're shooting inside or out, you will want to protect the skirt of your dress. A cream, ivory or white flat sheet (whichever best matches the color of your dress). Having something underneath your dress' train or for you to sit on will allow you the peace of mind to enjoy the shoot and get some fabulously creative shots.

5. Bring two pairs of shoes. One for comfort which you are OK with walking in the grass and one for the fun shoe pics. No need to scuff up your wedding day shoes!

6. Don't forget to order your bouquet. Not only is this a dress rehearsal for your ensemble, but it's a great opportunity to see how the bouquet will look and feel with your dress. Along with the type of flowers you've selected. Typically, a florist will make a slightly smaller version of the one you will have on wedding day.

7. Schedule your shoot 1.5-2 months prior to your wedding day. This will allow plenty of time to receive the dress from the designer, have it custom tailored to fit you and allow plenty of time to purchase your accessories. Also remember, it's important to have all of your shoes and undergarments purchased prior to beginning your alterations.

Blissfully Yours,

Samantha Darr
Owner/Lead Planner

(Photo Credit: Fort Mill Photography)

Monday, October 4, 2010

{Venue Location} Engagement Shoots

When preparing for an engagement shoot, it's important to talk with with your photographer to ensure you select a time of day to have proper lighting. High noon is never a great time for outdoor pictures due to shadows and glare. Most importantly, select a venue with the right style/feel for the pictures you want.

Due to a last minute need to reschedule a bridal shoot for today, our team quickly went into action to find an alternative location. Especially a location as architecturally interesting, romantic and glamorous as the Crystal Ballroom. As you can imagine, yes, many locations were already booked. We were thrilled by Morgan Lynn Photography's recommendation; Fiori Spa. With Morgna's experience at the venue, the pictures are going to more than the bride could have hoped for. The Bride was ecstatically happy with how lucky we are to have such a beautiful alternative venue. We are swooning over the serene environment that looks as though you stepped into the Italian countryside.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Part III: Suggestions & Fashion

A wedding is a tremendous investment. It is important to ensure that everything goes the way you have always dreamt. The dress is such an important piece of that dream. Make sure that when you shop for your wedding dress that you go somewhere that will treat you right and help find the perfect dress.

For our Dallas brides I would highly recommend working with:
- Marianne from Stardust Celebrations
- Sharon from Lulu’s Bridal
- Warren Barron
- Priscilla of Boston
- For beautiful custom gowns: Nha Khanh

For our Houston brides:
- Mia Bridal Couture
- Princess Bridal
- Brickhouse Bridal

At all of the places mentioned above you will have excellent service, selection and expertise.

New Fashion Trends in The Bridal World:

There are some exciting fashion trends in the bridal industry you may want to test out. The feminine softness is the latest theme amongst wedding dresses. We are seeing that less is more.

That being said accessories have become a vital instrument in creating your overall ensemble. Items such as exquisitely beaded belts, broaches, or beaded head bands are easily accessible at any boutique. On occasions you can have decorative flowers or bows attached onto the dress in the places of your choice. If you go with less you can add sweet touches that will make this dress a perfect fit to your personal style.

Today is all about accessorizing!

Always Learning, Always Fabulous,

Vanessa Sinatora
Associate Planner