Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You to Our Clients: Bride's Choice Awards 2011

Soiréebliss! Events has had the pleasure of celebrating our three year anniversary on January 8th. This is truly a great blessing as I know how hard running a service oriented business can be. With anything good comes hard work, dedication and endless nights of work. I've loved every moment of it.

Of course, this could never have been possible without my clients. It's because of their trust in me that has allowed Soiréebliss! Events to be a part of over 80 weddings and numerous philanthropic events.

As a testament to our hard work, we have been awarded the Bride's Choice Awards for 2011.

Press Release:
WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, is thrilled to announce {Enter Your Business Name} has been selected to receive the prestigious annual WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 for {Enter Your Service Category}!

Recognition for the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 is determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 750,000 WeddingWire newlyweds. Our past clients are among those that shared their experiences on WeddingWire, the largest wedding review site in the nation.

Soiréebliss! Events stands among the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire community, representing quality and service excellence within the wedding industry. Awards were given to the top wedding professionals across 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, and were based on the overall professional achievements throughout the past year.

“WeddingWire is honored to celebrate the success of the top-rated wedding professionals within the WeddingWire community,” said Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the annual Bride’s Choice Awards™ program, WeddingWire has the unique opportunity to recognize the best wedding professionals across the US and Canada. We applaud Soiréebliss! Events for their professionalism and dedication to enhancing the wedding planning experience last year.”

We are happy to announce that Soiréebliss! Events is among the very best Soiréebliss! Events within the WeddingWire Network, which includes leading wedding planning sites WeddingWire, Martha Stewart Weddings, Project Wedding and Weddingbee. We would like to thank our past clients for nominating us to receive the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011.

For more information, please visit our WeddingWire Storefront today at our Storefront.

For more information on the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011, please visit

Blissfully Inspired to Plan

Samantha Darr

Friday, January 21, 2011

Unique Wedding Details: How To Enhance Your Tables

As a bride, you may be looking for the newest, most unique ideas to make your wedding different and memorable. One of the best ways to do this would the design of the individual place setting and/or table scapes at the reception. You will have at least 45 minutes to and hour of their attention during dinner. This is where you will be assured that your guests will have time to see each and every detail.

One decor detail I particularly love paying special attention to is each individual place setting. This is a decor detail which is commonly overlooked at an event. There is an endless list of options on how to show your style. You can add a little pop of color with a ribbon belly band around the napkin or flower on the charger plate next to the menu. Even folding the napkin in unique ways can make a statement. If your budget allows, renting special glasses and plates can take your event from fabulous to luxurious.

One of my recent favorites is a monogram tag by Luxecuts. Its absolutely stunning and very modern. It's a 4"X4" square that will make a statement of your style in a big way. This design can also be made in acrylic for those who desire and more chic design.

Blisfully Inspired to Plan!

Samantha Darr

Friday, January 7, 2011

Planning to "POP" the Question....Need A Little Magic?

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is it going to be Spring soon, but many guys choose this time to "POP" the question and ask the one they love to marry them. For some, this brings shear fear to ask those four little words' "Will You Marry Me". For others, the words are easy, it's pulling off the logistics of how to make just that right moment perfect.

Being a wedding planner, I am truly a romantic at heart. There's nothing more magical to me than hearing all the wonderful ways couples get engaged. It makes me my heart flutter watching the Bride and Groom reminisce as they're telling me their story. The pure joy in their eyes and glow that exists between them is truly magic.

As you can imagine with being a planner, I have heard of numerous ways an engagement has been staged. Being a romantic-at-heart AND female, I can think of a zillion scenarios that would be amazing to get engaged. This is truly one of the most memorable days in a girl's life. Some have dreamt about it since they were little girls. This may sound like a lot of pressure for a guy, but, as long as your heart is involved, everything will be perfect.

When considering all the numerous ways to propose, keep in mind her personality and what would surprise her most. Maybe a romantic dinner at home with candlelight and flowers or a picnic at the beach with wine and cheese to watch the sunset is just as memorable with timed fireworks just as it gets dark. Would she love to be picked up by a limo just as she’s leaving for work to whisk her off to a surprise day at the spa being totally pamper, with a new evening gown waiting for her to spend the evening dancing the night away in your arms at a 5 star hotel. For most women, we simply love when you're a little creative and surprise them.

If you happen to be someone who needs a little help in the creative department or assistance executing your idea, look to someone like me. Who better to help than a planner?! I can provide you a full list of quality vendors; florists, restaurants, jewelers, transportations companies, bakers and everything imaginable. One of my specialties is logistic management. I can make the tightest schedule feel flawlessly comfortable and the impossible possible. Quite honestly, there is nearly nothing more rewarding than to see wonderful couples get engaged. It’s what starts the wedding planning process.

I recently had the pleasure of planning the engagement for a wonderful couple. The day of the engagement I was giddy knowing that a sweet girl was getting ready to have one of the most amazing days of her life. We staged it so that the bride thought she was going ice skating at Discovery Green with friends. We picked the most romantic spot there under some trees on a park bench for the Groom to ask her. We arranged for a waiter to hand deliver hot cocoa. However, to the Bride's surprise, one of the cups would have the ring inside. Minus the cocoa of course! The Groom opened the cup as he was down on one knee. The bride burst into tears of joy and giddy squeals. With a photographer strategically placed shooting pictures, they will have memories of the day to reflect and share with grandchild. After wards, the couple was whisked away to a private romantic dinner at Spence's downtown. I am not sure who was more excite; me or the Bride. It was truly magic right before my eyes. So, if you’re considering an engagement, don’t hesitate to ask for a little help. With our professional planning experience and creativity, we will create the most amazing experience for you to share with your future Bride.

Blissfully Inspired,

Samantha Darr

(Photo Credit: Jesus Gonzalez Photography)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If the Dress Fits...Shopping for the Perfect Style

So we all wanna look fabulous on our wedding day, right ladies? Whether you want to transform into a diva like Beyonce or keep it timeless like Audrey Hepburn, this is your crash course on finding the perfect gown that best fits your hot, sizzling figure.

STEP 1: Determine what shape you are. For me, this is always a little humbling. While I wish I were 5'6", I'm really only 5' tall and beautifully puffy ballgowns just aren't as flattering.

STEP 2: Once you have determined your shape, start considering the design elements or style/theme you will want to fit your wedding. Many times, your location will also determine the style of dress. For example, if you're getting married in a tropical location with possible sand, you will want to stay away from dupioni silk or heavy ballgowns.

Straight-across Strapless: This style is simply straight across, no dips or curves.
Great for: Well-endowed brides because it minimizes the girls.

Tip-If you're top heavy, I would skip out on wearing a necklace and opt for more dramatic earrings. Wearing a big necklace will draw attention to your bustle. Another thing that will draw attention will be a lot of embellishments. I know every bride wants a little bling on their dress, try to steer clear of too much bling on the upper portion of your dress. Remember less is more!

Sweetheart Strapless: Unlike the Straight-across strapless, the sweetheart has a slight dip.

Great for: Smaller busted brides because it gives your chest some oomph and lengthens your torso, but pretty much anyone can pull this look off.

Mermaid: This style hugs your curves but then flares out right at the knee.

Great For: Petite women.

Tip- I wouldn't wear this type of dress for an outdoor wedding during the summer unless you want your dress sticking to you like gum on a shoe.

Trumpet: This is similar to the mermaid but instead of starting to flare out by the knee, the trumpet starts flaring at mid-thigh.

Great For: Top-heavy brides. The trumpet skirt balances your figure out nicely.

Ball Gown: One of the most traditional wedding dresses. It has a fitted corset and a full skirt. Petite brides beware! Since the ball gown is so big, the skirt will drown you and make you look tiny. You don't want the dress to wear you, you want to wear the dress!

Great For: Hour-glass or pear-shaped brides because it camouflages your lower half.

A-line: It starts off narrow at the top and then expands outward, like the shape of the letter "A".

Great For: Any bride! The A-line dress is the most flattering style on any body type.

Knee Length: Like its name implies, this dress stops at the knees. With brides making a wardrobe change into short dresses for the reception being such a big trend, knee length dresses are great for keeping up with trend.

Great For: Tall or short brides, this length helps showcase your sexy legs but without showing too much. With this dress, you can really make it all about the shoes. You always want to have one item be a focal point and with this dress, it will be the perfect opportunity to show off some incredible heels.

Knowing which design will flatter your figure best, will ensure you look red-carpet ready for your biggest day.

STEP 3: Start shopping! Most bridal boutiques operate on an appointment only basis. On average, each appointment will take an average of 2 hours. For a production shopping experience, remember the following:

1. Wear Spanx or an undergarment resembling what you will wear on the wedding day. Taking your own strapless bra to ensure comfort and a proper fit.

2. Take a pair of shoes which resemble the heel height you want for your wedding day.

3. If you hope to wear your hair up on your wedding day you should take a pony tail holder with you to simulate an up-do. This will be helpful when sampling veils to go with your dress.

4. Always remember to walk around the boutique in the dress along with sitting.

5. Last but not least remember to consider what the back of the dress looks like. On the day of the wedding, guests will look at your back 50% of the time.

Super Star Intern,

Kristi Gomez

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wedding Trends for 2011 - What's Hot

1. Sophisticated Elegance ReturnsIt's back to basics with elegant, sophisticated style in 2011. Wedding decor will be simple and understated, with modern design elements trumping DIY touches. Scripted calligraphy, custom monograms, and classic wedding cakes embody this trend. Brides will wear pearls, and grooms will ditch the Converse in favor of more tasteful wedding day kicks.

2. Outdoor Venues- Where It’s AtCouples tying the knot in 2011 will gravitate toward outdoor ceremony and reception venues. The raw, minimal backdrop of an outdoor setting leaves room for personalization and customization, a major perk for creative, hands-on nearlyweds. Lakeside venues, vineyard locations and spaces situated alongside sprawling mountains will dominate, and they’ll be spruced up with personalized touches that represent the bride and groom. You'll find some serious outdoor weddings inspiration in our real weddings blog category!

3. Grey is the New Black, Crazy for Navy
Gloomy no more, grey is the neutral IT color for 2011 weddings. Organic and natural, shades of charcoal, dove, stone, oyster and shell will be incorporated liberally into wedding color palettes and paired with vibrant hues to make the colors pop! And while grey remains the talk of the town for 2011, navy blue (and other deep blues) are definitely on-trend for the coming year. Wonder if Prince Will's royal wedding has anything to do with the crazy for navy trend... what do you think??

4. Mad for Metallics & Bold Color Palettes
Whether it’s two bright hues with a metallic accent, or several metallic shades used together, brights and metallics will be popular choices for wedding color palettes in 2011. Gilded gold, shimmery silver, and sparkling champagne will used alone or with accents of yellow, purple or teal. And since metallics make such a bold statement on their own, couples will scale back over-the-top decor in favor of a more restrained style aesthetic.

5. Big Ball Gowns are Back
Dramatic ball gown wedding dresses floated down 2011 bridal catwalks in droves. Wedding dress designers draped, ruched, and layered clouds of tulle, power netting, and chiffon to fashion wedding dresses with limitless volume. The outcome? Fairytale-inspired bridal style and whimsical wedding dresses for 2011 I Dos.

6. Grooms Take a Walk on the Stylish Side
Grooms are taking a stand in the name of fashion. Their tux choices will no longer be dictated by some “rent 5, get 1 free” deal. Instead, they’ll chose formal looks that represent their unique style. Bow ties will replace classic long neck ties, and embroidered dress shirts, engraved cufflinks, stylish lapel pins and the color of the season- grey- will grace the white aisles.

7. Wedding Invitations Go Green
The green weddings movement continues full speed ahead in 2011. From totally paperless wedding invitations and save-the-dates, to stationery printed on 100% recycled paper, invitations have truly gone green. Couples can find all they need with sites like WeddingPreParty (enabling online RSVP and party planning) and (offering coordinating stationery and wedding websites).

8. Luxurious Textures-- from the Dress to the Tablescape
Luxe textured fabrics will bring a sumptuous, opulent vibe to 2011 weddings. Wedding dresses will feature 3D applique, layered light fabrics (tulle, lace, chiffon), romantic ruffles, oversized florals, and illusion fabric with eye-catching beading. Textured linens will be layered to dress up reception tables, chair covers may be embroidered or beaded, and branchy centerpieces and floral arrangements will captivate wedding guests.

9. Ethnic Influences, Cultural Wedding Details
At long last, brides and grooms are embracing and showcasing their unique cultural traditions and ethnicity. Whether it’s a religious wedding ceremony ritual, traditional wedding day garb, cultural cuisine infused throughout the reception dinner, or wedding decor with bold, ethnic prints, you can’t help but embrace the unique cultures and ethnicities of couples in 2011.

10. Revved-Up Wedding Receptions
Who wants the best day of their lives to end? Not couples and guests in 2011, that’s for sure! Couples will plan a post-reception after party lasting into the wee hours of the night with drinks, entertainment, dancing, and snacks so that wedding guests can party all night long!