Saturday, January 17, 2009

DIY Project: Airline Ticket Invitation/Save The Date

Being a lover of all things paper, I'm so drawn to very bold colors, unexpected textures, letterpress printing or taking a standard item and formating in a unique shape.

While scouting new ideas that are cost effective, I found the most amazing invitation that I had to share. This is especially helpful for Brides who are interested in amazing details without amazingly big prices.

Materials (per set)
2 80lb cover stock 8.5×111 open-end envelope 4.125×91 28lb or lighter cover/cardstock (for template1 pocket) or1 60lb cover/cardstock (for template2 pocket), adhesive

cutter, ruler, scissors, perforator, scoring blade, computer, printer, round-corner puncher (optional)

Three passes can be printed on one 8.5″x11″ 80lb coverstock. Each pass is approximately 3.25″ x 8″. The left part is about 0.70″ and the right part is about 2″. The template file has four pages. First page is the introduction. The second page has only the outline of the whole pass. You can add any content you want. Third page has some contents that I had such as those you see in the picture below. Fourth page is for the back of the passes that contain the text “NOT A VALID TRAVEL VOUCHER.” This can be changed.

Place your cursor on the first page, below the introduction. Add your image by clicking INSERT from the top menu then PICTURE. You can either insert a clipart or an image file. Select your image by clicking on it. Right click on the image then click FORMAT PICTURE. Click the LAYOUT tab and select BEHIND TEXT under Wrapping Style. Click OK. Now you can drag your image to anywhere you want it. Notice that your image appears behind your texts.
To add text on the first template (2nd page), use the Drawing toolbar. Click INSERT > TOOLBARS and make sure Drawing is checked. The Drawing toolbar usually appears at the bottom of the window. Click the TEXT BOX button. Draw your text box on the template. Right click on the text box, click FORMAT TEXT BOX. Click the COLORS AND LINES tab and select NO FILL under Fill and NO LINE under Line. Click OK. Now you can type in your text on the text box.

Click to download template: Word Document

Before cutting the individual passes, perforate the passes separating the three parts using a perforator. If you’re willing to spend more, I suggest using a perforator with a base.For perforators without a base, use a ruler to connect the red crop marksand run your perforator. Run the perforator 2 or 3 times WITHOUT lifting.Practice doing this to perfect your perforating technique before doing them onyour final passes.

Cut on gray solid lines. You may cut the passes with cutter or X-acto knife for the straight lines; round-corner cutter or scissors for the four corners; scissors for the part between the small left part and the middle.

Next step is making the pocket. I have two available pocket templates. The first template is a little harder to make than the second one.

Making the pocket
Template 1

Click template link above to download

Print the first page. Turn the paper, the top must go in the printer first. Print the second page. Cut on solid lines using scissors or cutter. The slit must be cut with a cutter. Score on dashed lines then fold towards you. Unfold then apply adhesive on the bottom flap. Fold to glue all parts together.

Template 2
Click template link above to download


Print the first page. Turn the paper, the top must go in the printer first. Print the second page. Cut on solid lines using scissors or cutter. The slit must be cut with a cutter. Score on dashed lines then fold towards you. Apply adhesive on Area A to adhere the bottom part to the middle part of the pocket.

After making your pocket, all you have to do is put your passes in the pocket, put them in the envelope and you’re all set!

(source: Aylee - Bits About Me)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

soireebliss! took TheKnot's January Budget Challange!

A Wedding in Houston, Texas for $10K (and not a dime more!)
Posted Monday, January 12, 2009 5:35 PM

Samantha from soiréebliss! events & weddings based out of Houston, Texas put together our $10K wedding of the week feature. Here's the plan...
A $10K Wedding in Houston, Texas

It was a fun opportunity to work with the Anja with theKnot.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Most Amazing Engagement Session.....The Wedding!

In honor of the Most Amazing Engagement Session Post, I have to share the couple's wedding pictures. Tanja Lippert Photography captured the day in such an artistic way.

This wedding is truly one of the most original, creatively unique weddings I've ever seen. This couple has taken eco-chic to another level.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Most Amazing Engagement Session Ever!

Tanja Lippert of Tanja Lippert Photography is an incredibly talented photographer in California. She recently posted on her blog an engagement sessions. Hands down, it's one of the most incredibly, rockin shoots ever. Each picture is truly a piece of art.

Warning: some pictures include nudity

Here's a peak of one of the many my favorites......

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sneak Peek: soireebliss! hits newstands nationwide

I'm so thrilled and excited to share soireebliss!'s recent PR good fortune and success.

Two or three months ago one of the writers at Bride's Magazine asked for some of my planning advice/insight for brides considering an afternoon reception. While this is incredibly flattering since I am still fairly new in the industry, I happily shared my thoughts on such an occasion.

While this happens to by my second opportunity working with this same writer on an article, I assumed my information was for an article for the Houston magazine as was the first. Much to my surprise, this article is hitting 16 of their markets: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Houston, Maryland, Michigan, NJ, New York, Northern California, Philadelphia, Southern California, South Jersey and Washington, DC.

So, take a look at the first sneak peak I recd of the article with the first cover.......