Friday, July 29, 2011

Client Review: Congratulations Mike & JoAnne

This has been such a good week!! There's nothing better than receiving such wonderful reviews from my clients. This particular one truly brought tears to know I had made such a positive impact on a couple's life. I look forward to sharing their wedding pictures soon.

Blissfully Inspired!

Samantha Darr

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why I Love My Job: Client Review

As an event planner, the most enjoyable projects are those when clients hire me to plan/assist them in planning their wedding day. Even after years of planning events, I still wake up each morning of a wedding feeling the giddy/nervous excitement with butterflies. Wedding day is the Super Bowl of wedding planning. I always feel the buzz of excitement as the details start to come together during the set-up. It's truly what I was born to do and truly love seeing couples happy at the end of the day.

Recently, I had the absolutely pleasure of working with Lindie and Roman to create the perfect combination of their heritages; Irish Catholic and Jewish Russian. While it sounds challenging, we were able to find the perfect balance for Roman and Lindie. My heart burst with happiness to know just how much they loved working with SB! Here's what they had to say: (to read all of our client reviews, please visit

I was required by my venue to hire a wedding coordinator for the night, as they did not offer that service.... after researching all the top reviewed wedding coordinators in Houston i put them all in to a spreadsheet for me to compare pricing with the services they offered. Samantha with SoireeBliss Events was immediately at the top of my list with all she offered in her packages along with the pricing. After talking to her on the phone I knew she was the one. When i went in for our first consultation meeting, me and my husband were immediately put at ease. Samantha was exactly what we were looking for: well known/respected in the Houston wedding community, warm/caring yet very professional, and affordable. She immediately asked us our story and how he proposed, which made us feel special, like she really cared. We decided to go with her "Day of Management" package which only required her really to be there the day of to make sure everything ran smoothly, so i figured we wouldn't hear from her very much until closer to the wedding. I was very pleasantly wrong. Samantha was there every step of the way for any question i had, which sometimes i am sure was overbearing with my type A personality. She always made me feel as if it was no problem at all and quickly responded to any questions i had. Even when i had some issues getting in contact or timely responses with some of my other vendors, Samantha would immediately contact them and have a response for me usually within the same day, as all the vendors respect her. Samantha made our timeline for the evening, and it was literally down to the minute.... HER TIMELINE ALONE IS ONE OF THE MANY REASONS YOU SHOULD HIRE HER. Samantha definitely went above and beyond with helping with the setup, as we had a lot of DIY and extras to add around the reception room. I am so happy that the venue required a wedding coordinator, as i can't imagine going through that day without her. Everything went pretty flawlessly, all thanks to her. There were a few hiccups, but she never told me anything about them, i only heard later, which i am very greatful for as well because i was able to enjoy my day stress free. I would recommend Samantha to EVERY bride.. if you don't think you need a wedding coordinator and can do it all yourself, rethink that decision. :) If you are looking for someone affordable, very professional and efficient, that will make your day stress free for you to focus on YOUR day, instead of trying to make sure your timeline is followed, then Samantha and the SoireeBliss! team is who you need!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I can not wait to share the pictures from their wedding at the Petroleum Club Houston. In the mean time, here are a few of their engagement pictures (Photography: Joshua Tyi Photography)

Blissfully Inspired!

Samantha Darr, Owner

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Sweetest Engagement Story: Starbucks Preposal

As most of you know, I have a deep love for coffee and Starbucks. As I was zipping through some of my favorite industry blogs, I came to a post on Green Wedding Shoes that I just had to post. I have to say that in the past 3.5 years of wedding planning, there have not been two guys who have proposed the same way. Each engagement reflects the personality of the couple. For this romantic guy, he truly takes the cake on originality.

Blog Post: Green Wedding ShoesDate: June 23rd

A Starbucks Proposal Story
Thursday, June, 23, 2011

Photo Credit: Mikaela

I love a good proposal story, who doesn’t?! Today, I’m sharing two super creative proposals. The first is the proposal of Mikaela and Shane. Their first date was at a Starbucks, so Shane decided to build a Starbucks in the woods – seriously! Wait until you see it! Shane told Mikaela (who is a photographer) that they were going on a photo field trip to this great place he discovered, well he led her to a clearing in the woods and had Mikaela close her eyes. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw this…

From Mikaela, “The moment I was allowed to open my eyes is a moment that will be burned into my memory forever. It was the most peculiar feeling to see something so unexpected, so creatively carried out, something that took weeks and hours to plan, for me. For this moment. For us. Surreal.

Starbucks in the woods. Our Starbucks, our first date in those two comfy chairs, with our same two drinks – a passion tea lemonade and a green tea lemonade, and that fruit bar Shane had as well. A homemade candle in a Starbucks sample cup flickered, the prettiest bouquet of pink peonies, and music playing in the background. We sat, me in stunned silence and broken sentences. Knowing what would most likely come next, but not daring to think it, at the same time. Derrick ran by in the corner of my eye, leaving behind a video camera, while I caught someone taking photos in the bushes! Another video camera on a table! Crap, why didn’t I wear my contacts tonight, why the glasses? And off they came :) Then Shane pulled out a ring box and said those words and it happened.

‘Ever since our first date I knew you were the one… I fall more and more in love with you each day… Mikaela Ruth, will you marry me?’

He says there was a pause before I said yes! Of course! And then I dropped to the ground to be close to him and to hug him and he slipped the ring on to my finger.”


If you are in the midst of working on the "Big" proposal for your soon-to-be fiance, having an hour consultation with a wedding planner to advise you on how to bring the concepts and thoughts together would reduce the stress. If you need assistance in executing the plan, this would be a simple task for any professional planner. For me, this is one of the absolute most thrilling opportunities. I'm such a romantic at heart!!!

Happy Planning,

Samantha Darr