Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Battle of the Betrothed......

As I was zipping through my favorite blog updates, one in particular caught my attention. Posted on "The Healthy Bride" blog was the most interesting contest. The urban adventure race portion sounded incredibly fun.

Good luck to all those who enter!!

You are cordially invited to enter the first annual Battle of the Betrothed.

Eight engaged couples will be chosen to compete in a series of fun events, ranging from cake decorating to an urban adventure race. You could win amazing prizes for your wedding, including a personal training package, a wedding dress, photography, flowers—and even a dream honeymoon.

So grab your beloved and get ready to do battle.

For details on preparing your entry, call (206) 755-9683 or just send us an email.

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Trend in Weddings ...Going Short!

For 2009, we are starting to see on the runways the hem length of wedding dresses are going short. There's a style that will appeal to most brides ranging from the lacy 50's with the full skirts, a slinky sexy slip dress to a more modern haute couture gown. The Bride looking for a unique style, the bubble hem will be just what you're looking for.

Ideally, the shorter wedding gowns have obvious appeal besides making a style statement. They will be easier to move around in allowing you to comfortably dance the night away. Brides opting for a destination wedding on the beach, the shorter wedding dress will be perfect for the warmer climates and the walk down a beach aisle. The benefits are endless!

Here are some of our favorites.....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tis the Season of Blessings!

I have always been in love with everything Christmas. I'm one of those people who will listen to the Christmas music station starting Thanksgiving Day and be sad when they stop playing Christmas music Dec. 26th. I could drive around for hours in "auuh" looking at all of the Christmas decorations on homes. I don't even need to mention my love for the endless array of yummies that are only made at Christmas. Something about the Christmas season brings extra joy to your heart and giddiness to your step.

While Christmas shopping yesterday, I realized that what really makes Christmas so enjoyable is to see the outward show of charity by others during the holiday; Toys for Tots, Gift Wrapping for Komen Foundation, Santas volunteers collecting for the Salvation Army. Even with the economy in such woes, it's such a blessing to see that Americans still have the heart to help others. Even the smallest gesture of taking a second to wish the tired, over-worked cashier a "Merry Christmas" was as nice as it brought a smile to their face.

The heart of the season is truly what we find in our blessing and share with others. I feel so fortunate and blessed that my family is happy and healthy. That God has given me the ability to have two functioning legs to run marathons, the creative talent to plan weddings and the wealth of friends and family to love. My Christmas wish is for everyone to share in the same blessings this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to create a fabulous candy buffet...

Before you begin designing your candy buffet, an important aspect to remember is that the candy by itself is inexpensive, creating the buffet does add up to a significant added expense to be included in the planning of your wedding budget.

One of the item I stress to Brides is to buy enough candy!! It is suggested that candy buffets work best when they are planned through the eye and not the numbers. Some articles suggest buying a certain number of ounces per guest, but the more successful candy buffets seem to be those that are planned by the size of the table and the containers that will be on the table. To create a tantalizing buffet, I suggest to buy 5 to 10 types of candy that you want to display and purchase 15-20 pounds of each of these candies. This may seem like an over abundance of candy, but a large table overflowing with candy has a presence at your wedding and does not look like something you threw together at the last minute. You will also need enough to have the buffet refilled. This will ensure all the guests have an opportunity to enjoy your selections.

What kind of candy should you buy? Well it depends on the theme of your buffet. Do you want an all white buffet, or do you prefer that the candy buffet matches the color scheme of your wedding, or are you having a theme wedding? For example if you are having a beach theme wedding, you can serve candies from the boardwalk: saltwater taffy, caramel apples, fudge, peanut brittle. Another option is to have a retro candy buffet displaying such items as candy bracelets and necklaces on the elastic cords or the little waxed bottles filled by sugar water.

After you've decided on the types of candy that you want to display you will need to decide how you are going to display the candy. Interesting containers will change your candy buffet from ordinary to extraordinary. Use containers in different shapes and different heights. Clear containers are the best to show off your candy displays. Also use containers that are wide enough for a candy scoop to fit inside. A suggestion to make the whole look pop is to use displays to raise some of the containers, giving your buffet height. An old catering trick is to take a catering rack or a milk crate and turn it upside down on the table, and cover with a cloth. Glass blocks or square glass vases turned up-side-down are also creative alternatives for a more modern look. When designing the set-up of the buffet, remember that not all guests are the same height. You will need to ensure that the jars/containers are easily accessible even when raised up. A finishing touch would be some flowers, candles or framed phrases matching your theme on the table with your candy.

One last item to consider, you need to think about how your guests will take the candy away from the buffet. Some brides have suggested using small cellophane bags, or classic white bags, or even take out containers matching the color theme of the wedding. Nashville Wraps is a great source for ordering these items in bulk. Whatever type of container you use, make it fun and personalize with small labels through My Wedding Label.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Planning a destination wedding and feeling overwhelmed?

Recently, when working with a client to help her decide whether or not a destination wedding would best fit her vision without sacraficing the priorities for the wedding. I began exploring ways to maximize her budget, minimize the added stress and ensure her wedding would be unique and incredibly memorable. Here's a helpful article I felt may be helpful for anyone else seeking a unique destination.

Be Creative: A destination wedding really opens up some possibilities. If you still want to have a fairytale wedding, then go for it. But if you're open to other options, great. Simply by having a destination wedding, you're not doing the conventional. You've already altered people's expectations, so you might be less likely to feel bound to a wedding template. And if your setting is particularly nice, you may be able to simplify other aspects of your wedding. For example, we got married in a beautiful historic inn, which needed no additional decoration or flowers. We saw some weddings in Jamaica where the natural flowers and outdoor setting were so beautiful, just having a bride and groom and officiant looked perfect. Whether you choose to simplify or not, do feel free to rethink some of the typical wedding traditions.

Send a Save-the-Date Letter: If you are having guests, consider a "Save the Date" letter. Invitations to traditional weddings are supposed to be sent 4-6 weeks before the event. But more lead time is helpful. Your guests might also want to ask for vacation time to better enjoy the special place you've chosen! In some areas, accommodations fill up way in advance. For all these reasons, you should consider getting in touch with your guests early. A friendly little form letter with pertinent info (place and date) will do nicely. If you've begun to set up accommodations, include that too, along with any other travel info. Otherwise, promise to get back to them later with that information. Would you like to see an example? Here's our Save the Date letter.

Let Some Things Go: Ideally, this destination wedding should be a vacation for you, too. Don't get so caught up in little details that you can't enjoy the weekend in a special place. Figure out what's important to you, and label the rest of it "small stuff" that you won't sweat. That will free you up to sight-see, relax, play, and join in what your guests are doing!

Do As Much As You Can Before You Go: If you can, get wedding details finished up while you are still at home. For example, I decided to have silk flowers made at home and shipped to the wedding site. It was one less thing to worry about that weekend--and I already knew they were exactly as I wanted them. I also planned my wedding hairstyle before I went, so I would not have to rely on an unknown stylist when I got there. Of course, you might choose different things to "do ahead" -- do what works for you!

Plan Your Packing: Get advice from your dressmaker or retailer on how a dress should be packed for travel. Make sure you have the right-sized suitcase or box ahead of time. If you're flying, plan to carry it on if you can, along with any other wedding apparel you'd find hard to replace on short notice! We found that packing for the wedding AND the honeymoon added up to a lot of luggage. If you can, farm out some of your important things to guests and family who are traveling down there. If you are shipping anything, leave extra time. I shipped my flowers down ahead of time, and they took over TEN days. I got some grey hairs wondering why they weren't there yet. They made it for the wedding, but it was close.

Don't Over plan for Your Guests: You've probably gone to a lot of trouble to choose a nice place to get married. Let your guests enjoy it! Don't plan so many get-togethers, family dinners, rehearsal dinners, and so on that your family and friends have no free time. We did plan a few things on different nights, to guarantee that we'd spend quality time with different groups of our guests, but no one (save us) had something wedding-related planned EVERY night. We had one family dinner on one night, a parents' dinner the next night, followed by a night out with friends only. We skipped a rehearsal dinner. I know that it has become a nice tradition for people to plan huge wedding-related activities and social gatherings all weekend, and I think that's super when you have a bunch of people in your hometown who otherwise wouldn't have much to do. But in your case, your location can do a lot of the entertaining for you--and you should let it!

What about the people who won't be there?: When you have a destination wedding, you're probably going to leave a lot of people out. That might be by design, or just an unfortunate circumstance of getting married far away. There are ways to include them. One option is to have a reception at some point after the wedding. You can plan something very much like a traditional wedding reception (formal invitations, cake cutting, dancing, even wedding attire) or something more like a party. We had two, one an open house in my hometown, the other a more formal catered party at my husband's parents' home. We invited the local people who would have been invited to the wedding had we held it in those towns. We brought our wedding photos to both, and I'd carefully prepared them in a scrapbook with good labels and captions.

Consider using announcements: You don't see too many announcements mailed these days, because most people use their invitation to "announce" their marriage. But they are a great way to let important people know you've been married! Announcements are very similar in appearance to invitations--just the wording (and the timing) are different. You send these after the wedding takes place. The format generally lists the location your wedding took place, so rest assured that recipients will understand why they weren't invited.

What about showers?: And gifts from others who are not invited?As modern wedding traditions have evolved, we have tied wedding gifts to wedding invitations. For example, etiquette holds that those who are invited to a shower should also be invited to the wedding. If you have a limited guest list, that can make showers (and other times you receive wedding gifts) feel awkward. However, please realize that many people give gifts simply because they are happy for you and that is their traditional way to celebrate the marriage of someone they care about. We received many gifts from people after we sent out the announcements (even though this wasn't expected). And I--the one with the tiny wedding--had TWO showers! One was given by co-workers, the other by the nice ladies in my mother-in-law's church. It was what they sincerely wished to do, and the fact that they weren't a part of the wedding didn't seem to matter a bit. On the other hand, when a girlfriend wanted to hold a shower for me with plans to invite other mutual friends, I nixed it because it felt different. Play it by ear, but understand that there is a time to receive gifts graciously.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tag! You're it......

I have been tagged by a wonderfully talented planner, Meredith with Elegant Engagements. This is a fun way to get to know your friends and colleagues. Here's a little about me:

Four things I did today:
1. Tent or no tent.....ordering rental items for a partial outdoor wedding for this weekend. Where are the rain Gods when you need to consult with them?!
2. Ran 5 miles followed by a yummy Starbucks Latte.
3. Knocked out a few administrative/bookkeeping tasks from my "to-do" list.
4. Took out the trash.....

Four things on my to-do list:
1. Finalize room blocks for a destination wedding coming up next year.
2. Type up my company description for Grace Ormand 2009 Platinum Listing.
3. Attend a walk-thru & tasting for a November Bride at Maggianos. YUMMM! I love their food.
4. Send in my race entry for my very first full marathon EVER.

Four of my guiltiest pleasures:
1. Desert.....anything desert.
2. Sleeping in past 6:00AM. Doesn't happen too often, but sometimes I let myself do it.
3. Facials, manicure, pedicures, massages....anything to pamper myself. Every once in awhile I will pick at least one service to treat myself.
4. Taking a day off. Right now, those are few and far between. But when I get the opportunity, it's heaven.

Four random facts about me:
1. Even though I'm a neat freak, I have trouble keeping up with my dry cleaning. I wait and wait to take it in. By then, I have 25-30 pieces.
2. My husband and I met on Match.com.
3. I don't like to sleep. If I could figure out a way to skip it and keep going without killing myself, I would.
4. In middle school I was the school mascot one year - a 4' tall scotty dog. The costume was 10 sizes too big. Can you picture it??!! LOL!!!

Now I have to tag four other people…
1. Candice with Jubilee Events, LLC
2. Juliet with Green Orchid Events
3. Lindsay with Studio563
4. Melanie with Last Petal

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike: How Brides can cut cost

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, many Houstonian Brides are running into financial challenges from being out of work, temporarily displaced from their homes and financially assisting relatives.

With this in mind, I wanted to share a very helpful article I read today from Gina Curtis, creator of wedding-genie.com:

There are some wedding planers who have created a "do-it-yourself bridal planning package." For a much smaller fee, brides will meet with a wedding planer and have a conversation about budgeting and expectations. The consultant will then create a package for the bride that will serve as her road map as she plans the wedding herself.

In an effort to cut costs, many are looking for things they can do themselves from creating their own wedding invitations and table centerpieces to full on decorations for both the ceremony and reception sites. Also brides are looking at wedding venues that have natural beauty within and do not require any additional decorations to make the wedding beautiful.

Another way brides have been scaling down is by choosing wedding flowers that are both local and in season versus importing them. The size of both the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets has also shrunk. In years past, many brides carried gorgeous, flowing cascading bouquets while today, many brides are opting for smaller bouquets. The size of the bridesmaids' bouquets has also shrunk and in many cases they carry just a few flowers wrapped in ribbon.

Wedding Photography is an area where couples are cutting costs. Videography is now often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. Also, instead of hiring a photographer to the tune of a $3,000-$5000, brides are scouring places like Craigslist for photographers that may not have a lot of experience and charge quite a bit less. Also with today's technology, couples are opting for their wedding pictures to be placed on a CD where they can print pictures off themselves versus having the photographer do it.

Finally, one of the biggest trends tends to be with the time of the event. Traditionally, the preferred wedding date is Saturday afternoon or evening. Now more brides are opting for Sunday or Friday evening weddings because they can typically catch a financial break on catering costs. Additionally, more brides are looking to host earlier receptions due to the same reasons.

Like many other areas in our current economy, the wedding industry is not immune. Couples may be faced with less available money for their event but that does not mean the wedding can't go on; it just means everyone has to compromise a little and get a lot more creative.

As a planner who caterers to a modern Bride, I love working with the bride who likes to think outside the box to optimize their budget to reach their creative vision. DIY the details is my favorite tool. It truly creates a fresh, unique look to any wedding.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I AM.......

As I was browsing one of my favorite photographer's website (Studio563), I found this interesting on Lindsey's blog and wanted to try it out.

I AM … so lucky to being doing what I am passionate in.
I WANT … to meet exceed my client's expectations.
I HAVE … an incredible amount of energy and zest for life.
I KEEP … a supply of coffee in my pantry at all times.
I WISH I COULD … complete a full Ironman in less than 12 hours. Someday!
I HATE … when I am a clutz.
I FEAR … falling short of my goal.
I HEAR … the music from Dirty Dancing movie. WOW! Talk about flashback. LOL!
I DON’T THINK … I will ever develop a fondness for napping.
I REGRET … not starting my business sooner.
I LOVE … coffee, Starbucks, lattes, and coffee.
I CAN … accomplish what I set my mind to.
I DANCE … anytime I can. Although, it doesn't mean I am good.
I SING … ONLY when alone. I'm tone death.
I NEVER … nap, sleep more than 7 hours or pass up the opportunity to make a new friend.
I RARELY … go to be before 11:30PM.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … see an animal being treated cruelly.
I KNOW THAT … tomorrow will hold great opportunity.
I HATE THAT … there I can't give more time to Special Olympics.
I NEED … a new office desk. More storage would be fabulous!
I SHOULD … call my friends and family more often.
I BELIEVE … in the power of positive thinking.

What about you.....give it a shot.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: PaperFlydesigns

As I was perusing some of my favorite designers, I had the pleasure of finding a wonderful stationer based in Houston. PaperFlydesign was created by a very talented graphic designer - Jana. Her custom inspirations are unique, fresh and ooh so memorable. Being a paper-person, I was greatly impressed by the various ways which the she can create your wedding stationary to fit your style.

If you are a discerning Bride looking for a memorable piece, you may consider the "City Romance" collection which features a journal style invitation with enclosures.

If you're like me, you're drawn to the clean, contemporary look. I was particularly drawn to the "Something Blue" collection.

With invitations like these setting the tone, how could your guests possibly decline attending your wedding?!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tips for the Summer Bride

For all those Brides who chose to wed during the summer, you may be wondering the best ways to look fabulous and beat the heat. Here are some helpful tips I share with all my Summer Brides.

1. Spray Deodorant - you may find this to be a "matter of fact" item. However, I recommend each brides to spray it all over their body. It does not clump or flake off. The benefit is that it does help reduce sweating underneath the dress. It would be recommended to find one that is non-scented.

2. Water, and plenty of it - on the wedding day, your extra nervous and very pre-occupied. Drinking and eating may not come to mind. However, it would be best to stay well hydrated to prevent fainting or dehydration. It also helps to keep your skin beautiful with a healthy wedding day glow. A lack of water will also cause swelling and may cause your shoes to become quite uncomfortable.

3. Boscia Blotting Linens - these wonderful little sheets are life savors for maintaining a picture perfect complexion. Makeup should look like and non-cakey. Just by patting the extra oil places is best for maintaining this look. The best thing is, they are small enough to fit inside most dainty bridal handbags. For convenience, you can order them online at Sephora.

4. Two tuxedo shirts - this one technically isn't for the bride. However, it surely can ensure a happy Groom. If you plan on spending any time outside capturing fantastic pictures, the heat is surely going to cause the Groom some discomfort also. In case your Groom is highly responsive to the heat, having a clean, dry shirt to change into before making the grand entrance will be a welcome suggestion.

5. Parasols - while, you may think these are normally reserved for a time forgotten or southern soirees. Cute parasols can be a unique decorative item for any chic wedding party. Having a little shade available will be a much needed relief while under direct sunlight if pictures are being taken outside. Plus, they are just so feminine in a diva way. With companies such as Bella Umbrella providing parasols with style, who could resist?!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Featured Vendor: Green Orchid Events

Congratulations to Green Orchid Events for recently being invited to join Little Black Book hosted by Style Me Pretty. This is a prestigious honor as they select 3 vendors per category in an area. Green Orchid Events is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Juliet established the firm in 2007 and has been experiencing great success ever since. Clients feel Juliet's team is a highly valuable addition to any their wedding team.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Romantic Affair on Galveston Island

On a beautiful late afternoon, a couple in love wed by the sea with sounds of the waves playing in the background. Call me a hopeless romantic, but there is nothing more breath-taking than an outdoor ceremony.

Katie and James is truly a dynamic couple. The ceremony was held on the grounds of the historic Hotel Galvez. They were joined by 140 of their closest friends and family. The aisle was colorfully lined with apple green lanterns and ivory flower petals. The bride shared a touching moment with her father as he walked her down the aisle.

The celebration followed with cocktails and dinner at The Roof Garden nestled in the heart of the Strand District. Guests were greeted with caricatures and a stunning room draped in apple green linens, black & white damask overlays provided by A Narcissus Affair and cymbidium orchid center pieces by Nasa Flowers. Guests enjoyed a candy buffet filled with an assortment of candies in shades of white, green and chocolate. The guests dined to a scrumptious sit down dinner provided by Chef Tim Catering.

Many Bonds with A Snap In Time captured the evenings most memorable moments. It was truly a pleasure to assist Katie and James with creating an evening they will remember always. This will be one of the most memorable weddings for me. Especially, since we share the same love for apple green. My signature color!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Top 5 Honeymoon destinations

1. Hawaii: Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. Its wonderful warm weather and laid back atmosphere is the perfect place for love birds to visit. By day, you can bath in the sun, snorkel, visit volcanoes, hike through rainforests, shop or just lounge around the pool. By night, you can try fabulous restaurants, enjoy a luau or simply sit under the stars. There are plenty of things to do and experience with your true love.

2. South Pacific: If you're looking for a more secluded tropical experience, you may want to hit the beaches in Tahiti or Bora-Bora. Tahiti's palm filled landscapes, coconut plantations, vanilla farms and relatively few tourists make this island a romantic place for two. Put a fragrant white tiare, Tahiti's national bloom, behind your left ear (that means you're taken) and you'll fit in perfectly among the deep green valleys, waterfalls and fields of flowers. Bora-Bora's sugary sands and clear, aquamarine waters are just as magical. Explore lagoons and even stay in your very own hut built on stilts right on the water.

3. United States & Canada: While you wouldn't think of the US or Canada as being the most exotic destinations for a honeymoon, there are so many places to visit, it's difficult not to mention at least a few. For the epicureans, taste thousands of gourmet wines and some of the world's finest food in Napa Valley, California. After a winter wedding, ski world famous slopes in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Swim with dolphins in Florida after your summer nuptials. In New York alone you can view the amazing Niagara Falls, shop fabulous couture stores and check out glitzy Broadway shows. Canada, with its amazing scenery in Montreal and vivacious nightlife in Vancouver, are wonderful ways to share time together. And don't forget Disney for those couples looking for fun, magical moments.

4. Caribbean: With over 20 islands to choose from, taking a honeymoon to the Caribbean will surely be a treat! While on St. Vincent and the Grenadines, enjoy bathing in waterfalls, watching six different types of dolphins and napping in hammocks. Get lost in Bermuda and experience the wonderful coral reefs and shipwrecks which gave this place the nickname, "Isle of Devils" and breathe in the aroma of freesia, bougainvillea and passion flowers. For fun-loving couples, try Jamaica, mon! Being the third largest island, Jamaica has extravagant nightlife, six mountain ranges and miles of beach. If you like to stay close to the US while still experiencing the tropical atmosphere, then Puerto Rico is perfect for you. Filled with stunning high-rises and nature reserves, this island is a cinch to navigate and the US dollar is the national currency.

5. Mexico: Carved out of the jungle, Cancun sits at the tip of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula with large resorts and exciting nightlife as well as ancient Mayan ruins and palm fringed beaches. Enjoy your days on the beach and hiking through the jungle and your nights enjoying fabulous food and dancing the hours away! Unlike Cancun, Cozumel is relatively quiet-only 3% has been developed. There are more than 30 charted reefs, this island is perfect for the couple who wants to experience nature in a quieter setting. Perhaps exciting Acapulco is more your style. 130 foot cliffs tower above the ocean and you can view professional divers taking the plunge into its foamy depths. Or you can strap on a parasail for a birds eye view of the bay.

Friday, April 25, 2008

To Have or Not To Have a Consultant?

During the initial consultation meeting with clients, you are asked quite often similar questions. Most often, many brides want a consultant, but view it as a luxury. While in reality, consultants are more frequently a necessity to the success of the wedding. A well "season" consultant, Patty Hansen, CWP explains it best:

As couples begin thinking about their wedding, they are often confused as to how much to spend, where to obtain specialized services, and how to choose vendors. These worries often mount as quickly as the cost of the wedding. After the euphoria wears off and the reality settles in, it's shocking to discover of how much preparation is involved. Couples are faced with decisions about everything from invitation wording to planning their honeymoon. Couples often find they want experienced professional help.

Not long ago, a wedding planer
was thought of as a luxury, only used by the wealthy. Now a planner is essential to the well planned affair. It is no longer "trendy" to engage a planner. Being experienced in negotiating contracts with caterers, florists, photographers, and other suppliers, the planner saves valuable time and money. The planner can take advantage of discounts not available to private parties and avoid costly mistakes, while turning your dreams into reality.
The average wedding can take more than two hundred fifty hours just to plan. With today's hectic lifestyles, you may not have time to compare all the options, making sure you get the best deal, and make sure all the details are in place. Wedding planners
are not here to make decisions for you, but to guide and assist you in making informed decisions. Their training, knowledge, and experience will turn your dreams and expectations into reality. They want you to host a beautiful and distinctive event which you can enjoy. A wedding planner will save you time and enable you to get the most for your money! A wedding planner can serve in many other capacities. They can act as the family counselor for apprehensive brides and the mothers—a wedding planner can become as close as your best friend.

Many services boast a wedding coordinator when all they are really offering is someone on site to announce and direct elements of a wedding reception, help with the floral or menu selection, supervise the food service or assist at the wedding ceremony. What about the planning and obtaining the necessary elements of the entire wedding? Some vendors even claim to provide the bride with a list of photographers, florists, etc. Is this vendor really trained to know the budgetary needs and the bride’s personal taste? In addition to those very absent elements in vendor choice, the vendor has not been scrutinized and qualified by a bridal consultant that really has the bride’s interest in mind.
A wedding planner will act as a consultant to help you plan your special day. This consultant is a professional wedding planner that knows etiquette from the socially correct formats through proper planning and organization of your wedding day. As your planner they have the contacts necessary to match you with the right wedding professionals, which are wedding vendors. Your planner also works with your wedding professionals that you have chosen to make sure all the details are set just the way you want them. The planner will help you organize your dream wedding and keep you within your budget by suggesting ways to make your dollar go the farthest. Since your wedding planner is an independent party, he or she, may often mediate disagreements when you are caught between family disputes and friendly disagreements.

You can afford a wedding planner since it is not an extra expense if you consider the planning part of your wedding budget. Your wedding planner will even be able to save you money by suggesting the appropriate vendors that will provide professional services to accommodate your budget. It is a penny well spent to have a wedding planner overseeing the wedding professionals that you have spent an investment with to insure that your day goes just as you have paid for and planned.

Of course you may opt to plan the entire wedding yourself or have a family member and even a friend to help, which is sometimes part of the fun of the wedding. However, it can also be a huge hassle and a headache especially if you, your family member, or friend does not have the proper professional wedding training that most professional wedding planners have and experienced. In addition to just finding wedding vendors, you'll need to check out sources, make sure all the details are in place, and worry about whether you're getting the best deal, and, ultimately, if everything will turn out right. A professional wedding planner has the training and experience to do the ground work, and make sure it all works the way you want it to, while you relax and enjoy.

For example, your dress gets muddy if it starts to rain and your fiancé is already 30 minutes late and the limo driver has not even shown up yet to bring the officiant to the chapel--what do you do? This is where your wedding planner will see to all of these details without breaking a sweat. She will be able to locate the fiancé and ensure he gets to the chapel on time; they will clean your dress with a wipe from their emergency kit; they will track down the limo driver and have a back up limo driver in waiting just in case.

The wedding planner will get it done so you don't have to worry. When you hire a wedding planner you know that you are buying quality, service, knowledge, professionalism, creativity, guidance, leg work, a stress reliever, an etiquette expert, a personal assistant and a friend. What could be better than that for the most important day of your life? Just knowing that you were smart enough to hire a wedding planner!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do You Share My Passion for Weddings?

Do you have an eye for detail? Have you always been the type of person who always lends a hand to a friend in need, even without having them asked? Do you have a passion for weddings or are interested in learning more about a career as a wedding consultant?

soireebliss! is seeking a Part-time Event Coordination Assistant to work closely on the wedding day with a Lead Consultant. You will be required to report to the event site on time as predetermined by the Lead Consultant to assist in the set-up of the event decor, assist in the management and direction of the bridal party before, during and after the ceremony . You will be responsible for executing various tasks requested by the bridal party or the Lead Consultant during the ceremony and reception. To be successful in this role, you have to have a sense of urgency while displaying a graceful, calm persona.

As the Part-time Event Coordination Assistant, you will have the opportunity to follow the Lead Consultant during the final stages of preparation and "day of" the wedding. This "hands on" experience will be invaluable to you and can serve as a launching pad for your career as a wedding planner. I strongly believe in promoting from within. soireebliss! strongly emphasizes teamwork to ensure our clients receive the highest level of professional, quality service.

If you are extremely responsible, detail-oriented, and are willing to give up your Friday and Saturday evenings, email your cover letter and resume to Samantha Darr at info@soireebliss.com. Compensation is based on experience and is paid on an hourly rate.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Unique Must-Have Items

If you are like me, you're always on the lookout for items that are unique and different. That little something that will add flair to your wardrobe or home furnishings. Wedding décor items are no different. The more unique an item, the more personal and memorable the impact it will make on the overall look.

So, it’s become a weekly habit to tour a few of my favorite stores to check out their newest displays and décor items. One of my most favorite stomping grounds is the Z Gallerie. I love their choice of colors; bold and chic. Their designs continually hit the cutting edge of trends without being over the top, while avoiding fads.

On my recent visit, I came across a few items that were to die for! If you are a lover of bling, you must check out their selection of crystal embedded place card holders, votives and salt & pepper shakers. They would add a chic elegance to an evening affair.

For those who are looking for bold colors or items with a touch of exotic flair for a tropical destination wedding or a summer event, you must consider the following items.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Texas, watch out….here I come!

Have you had the kind of day where you wished you had stayed in bed? Or in my case, I wished I’d gotten more than 4 hours sleep. As most of you know, I’m naturally a high energy person who doesn’t need a lot of sleep. But with me, if I’m up past 11:00PM, I catch a second wind and it’s down right hard to get to bed after that. So, this morning, I was certainly feeling the pain of repeating this habit 4-5 days in row.

So, back to my point! After starting my day a little less than chipper, running into various annoyances, and tripping over my monster of a cat more than once, I received the best news. Guess what? soiréebliss! will be in the regional publication for theKnot magazine as the Event Designer for a wedding they chose to publish. The photographers (Traci and Kellie, Anne Marie Photography) for the wedding are incredibly talented and deserve a lot of credit.

WOW! This news has made my week. The wedding they chose was my own destination weekend wedding in San Antonio, Texas. With the recent launched soiréebliss!, this is an overwhelming compliment as this was an event I put my heart and soul into every last detail.

As you can imagine, I did the happy dance around my office, tripped over the monster cat a few more times and gleefully set off on a cloud of blissful happiness no longer feeling the loss of sleep.

So, look for soiréebliss! to be listed as the Event Designer in the next Texas Knot Magazine set to hit news stands in June. In honor of my first publication, here are a few pictures from the event.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Houston, we have lift off!!

Welcome to the first official blog for soiréebliss! Finally, after 9 years of working corporate events and volunteering my services to anyone I knew getting married, I am turning my dreams into reality. Taking the steps towards being a business owner has been very exciting, scary and absolutely exhilarating.

You may be wondering how I came up with the name. For those who know me, know I'm pretty high energy and down right perky. So, it's fitting to have a name that reflects this same energy. Soirée is French for party. BLISS means happiness, ecstasy and delight. So if your going to have a party, it might as well be a delightful party full of much happiness and ecstasy. As a recent bride myself, I realized my wedding day was truly going to be one of the most memorable and elaborate "parties" I would host for my friends and family.

Let me tell you a little more about me:

  • Originally a Midwesterner, lived in Texas for 7 years and actually miss the snow.
    Favorite foods: deserts...any kind will do
  • Favorite drink: Starbucks nonfat, sugar-free vanilla latte
  • Favorite comfort food: mash potatoes
  • Favorite pass time: running. It's a love/hate relationship. It allows me to eat the deserts
  • Favorite color combination: Apple green with a black/white brocade pattern and bold colors
  • Secret Talent: Ear wiggling
  • Best planning tip: Stay organized...its a life savor in the hectic moments.
  • Secret to life: Help others. Even if it's just holding a door open for an elderly. One small act of kindness can mean the world to the one receiving it.

I look forward to a long and happy journey as a wedding and event planner. Thank you for taking time to read my first post. I hope you choose to join me for the journey.