Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Feature: Stephanie & Benjamin's Summer Wedding

With each couple that I work with in helping to plan their wedding, I can't help but to feel the buzz of excitement the week of the wedding. Having been a Bride myself, I know what the couple is feeling and it simply gives me butterflies as I know they are about to embark on one of the happiest and most memorable days of their lives. With being 3 days away from Stephanie & Ben's wedding, who needs coffee when you have the wedding buzz?!

For me, Stephanie and Benjamin has been a truly adorable couple to work with. When they look at each other, you can see just how much they adore each other and are in love. Their summer wedding is filled with detail, detail, detail from custom hand towels to gourmet styled meals and an array of eclectic songs to ensure that every guests dances the night away. They are having a wedding surrounded by family and friends with a collection of truly talented wedding professionals to bring it all together. Of course, with yours truly, they will be assured that the event will run flawlessly. As many have teased me in past, my events usually do run down to the minute in exact precision. 8:39 for the first dance....really!

Event Ingredients:
Photographer: Morgan Lynn Photography (engagement pics shot in New Orleans)
Events in Bloom
C. Music: Divisi Strings
Hair/makeup: Your Beautiful Face
Host Hotel: Hotel Derek

Thursday, June 10, 2010

TLC is casting for "Four Weddings" in Dallas/Ft. Worth.....could this be you?

Yup, that's right! "Four Weddings" is now able to include September weddings on Season Two!

We were very excited because we know a lot of you have brides getting married in September who were interested in being a part of the show. But don't forget, we still want to meet your brides getting married in June, July & August as well. This season is turning out to be better than ever and the vacation prizes are out of this world. Below is a reminder about how the show works and send us your brides quick! WE want to give everyone a chance to be a part of this incredibly fun show:)

"Four Weddings" is a new hit show on TLC, but it's NOT like a "Bridezillas" type of show or anything that is snarky or is the exact opposite. We're doing a show that actually wants to see their wedding day turn out as perfect as they've planned it. TLC is giving these brides the opportunity to feature their wedding on the show and a chance to WIN an all expense paid, 5-star vacation that they can use for their Honeymoon or 1st anniversary trip or whatever they want! It's also fun because they get the opportunity to exchange ideas and vent their frustrations with other brides and attend each others weddings.

They're looking to feature ALL types of weddings. It can be your first, second, third or thirteenth wedding. No wedding is too small or too big! Any and all ages welcome.

Here is a link to the show's page for clips and more info and I've attached our one-sheet for you to forward to your brides. We look forward to hearing from you!!

If you'd like to be considered for the show, please email or call the Casting Department immediately at: or 212-505-7775.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Support the Pink Door Organization and embellish your wardrobe - June 12th

One of my admired colleagues in the fashion industry, Misti Pace-Krahl, owner of Misti Style has teamed up with Pink Door to create an amazing event filled with glam and luxury showcasing truly unique items from the most couture designers. This is a perfect way for any group of gal pals to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon. With a portion of the ticket sales benefiting Pink Door what better excuse do you need when choosing the hottest and most unique accessories to "pop" your summer wardrobe?!

So, come get your "Sparkle" on June 12th from 9am-6pm. And support an amazing cause!!

Purchase tickets here: