Monday, May 26, 2008

A Romantic Affair on Galveston Island

On a beautiful late afternoon, a couple in love wed by the sea with sounds of the waves playing in the background. Call me a hopeless romantic, but there is nothing more breath-taking than an outdoor ceremony.

Katie and James is truly a dynamic couple. The ceremony was held on the grounds of the historic Hotel Galvez. They were joined by 140 of their closest friends and family. The aisle was colorfully lined with apple green lanterns and ivory flower petals. The bride shared a touching moment with her father as he walked her down the aisle.

The celebration followed with cocktails and dinner at The Roof Garden nestled in the heart of the Strand District. Guests were greeted with caricatures and a stunning room draped in apple green linens, black & white damask overlays provided by A Narcissus Affair and cymbidium orchid center pieces by Nasa Flowers. Guests enjoyed a candy buffet filled with an assortment of candies in shades of white, green and chocolate. The guests dined to a scrumptious sit down dinner provided by Chef Tim Catering.

Many Bonds with A Snap In Time captured the evenings most memorable moments. It was truly a pleasure to assist Katie and James with creating an evening they will remember always. This will be one of the most memorable weddings for me. Especially, since we share the same love for apple green. My signature color!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Top 5 Honeymoon destinations

1. Hawaii: Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. Its wonderful warm weather and laid back atmosphere is the perfect place for love birds to visit. By day, you can bath in the sun, snorkel, visit volcanoes, hike through rainforests, shop or just lounge around the pool. By night, you can try fabulous restaurants, enjoy a luau or simply sit under the stars. There are plenty of things to do and experience with your true love.

2. South Pacific: If you're looking for a more secluded tropical experience, you may want to hit the beaches in Tahiti or Bora-Bora. Tahiti's palm filled landscapes, coconut plantations, vanilla farms and relatively few tourists make this island a romantic place for two. Put a fragrant white tiare, Tahiti's national bloom, behind your left ear (that means you're taken) and you'll fit in perfectly among the deep green valleys, waterfalls and fields of flowers. Bora-Bora's sugary sands and clear, aquamarine waters are just as magical. Explore lagoons and even stay in your very own hut built on stilts right on the water.

3. United States & Canada: While you wouldn't think of the US or Canada as being the most exotic destinations for a honeymoon, there are so many places to visit, it's difficult not to mention at least a few. For the epicureans, taste thousands of gourmet wines and some of the world's finest food in Napa Valley, California. After a winter wedding, ski world famous slopes in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Swim with dolphins in Florida after your summer nuptials. In New York alone you can view the amazing Niagara Falls, shop fabulous couture stores and check out glitzy Broadway shows. Canada, with its amazing scenery in Montreal and vivacious nightlife in Vancouver, are wonderful ways to share time together. And don't forget Disney for those couples looking for fun, magical moments.

4. Caribbean: With over 20 islands to choose from, taking a honeymoon to the Caribbean will surely be a treat! While on St. Vincent and the Grenadines, enjoy bathing in waterfalls, watching six different types of dolphins and napping in hammocks. Get lost in Bermuda and experience the wonderful coral reefs and shipwrecks which gave this place the nickname, "Isle of Devils" and breathe in the aroma of freesia, bougainvillea and passion flowers. For fun-loving couples, try Jamaica, mon! Being the third largest island, Jamaica has extravagant nightlife, six mountain ranges and miles of beach. If you like to stay close to the US while still experiencing the tropical atmosphere, then Puerto Rico is perfect for you. Filled with stunning high-rises and nature reserves, this island is a cinch to navigate and the US dollar is the national currency.

5. Mexico: Carved out of the jungle, Cancun sits at the tip of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula with large resorts and exciting nightlife as well as ancient Mayan ruins and palm fringed beaches. Enjoy your days on the beach and hiking through the jungle and your nights enjoying fabulous food and dancing the hours away! Unlike Cancun, Cozumel is relatively quiet-only 3% has been developed. There are more than 30 charted reefs, this island is perfect for the couple who wants to experience nature in a quieter setting. Perhaps exciting Acapulco is more your style. 130 foot cliffs tower above the ocean and you can view professional divers taking the plunge into its foamy depths. Or you can strap on a parasail for a birds eye view of the bay.